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Canyon Creek cabinets Walla Walla, WA

Why are we excited about our selection of Canyon Creek cabinets? Canyon Creek offers the looks of custom cabinets, but it certainly doesn't offer custom cabinet costs. Plus, because the cabinets are made here in Washington, they feature local styles and designs that will look good in any household. Canyon Creek has three cabinet lines: Cornerstone, Millenia, and Katana.


Canyon Creek’s Cornerstone cabinets offer premium style and performance. They are specially-made to resemble fine furniture, so they are perfect for traditional kitchen settings. In addition, Cornerstore cabinets feature a variety of different frame, door, and drawer options, so you will definitely have a choice when it comes to appearance and function.

Cornerstone cabinets are available in real wood constructions, as well as more durable synthetic constructions such as laminate.


As you can probably guess from the name, Millenia cabinets are made for more contemporary settings. They have a frameless construction, which means that the doors and drawers do not have any face frames. As a result, Millenia cabinets offer a uniform appearance, and you’ll also have more access to the contents of the drawers.

Millenia cabinets are available in unique wood species such as bamboo.


Like Milennia, the Katana line of cabinets features frameless constructions and modern looks. But, Katana cabinets are built with simplicity in mind. They are relatively easy to use and maintain, and, although they are not available with Cornerstone’s and Millenia’s features, they can certainly fit a variety of different settings.