Castle Combe Hardwood

Add natural style and character to your home

Aged Wood Looks

Castle Combe hardwood is one of the more popular hardwood flooring options because of its combination of old-world style and modern-day durability. The wood planks, for example, are specially-aged and hand-crafted, so they offer natural wood looks that are certainly striking. In fact, Castle Combe floors look like they belong in the 19th century! Furthermore, the wood planks feature a unique natural oil finish that is called Natural-E. This natural oil finish is much more stylish and durable than regular urethane finishes that you find with other hardwood types.

Although Castle Combe hardwood floors offer traditional wood looks, they are considered engineered hardwood floors because of their durable construction. So, the floors can be installed below, on, or above ground, and they can handle busy family rooms and living rooms.

Castle Combe Originals

There are four different Castle Combe collections available, but Castle Combe Originals is our favorite. The Originals collection offers a variety of wood looks such as oak, and it consists of three distinct series: Market Cross, Manor House, and Relics.

Market Cross: Market Cross floors have a rustic appearance because the planks are hand-carved, scraped, and brushed.

Manor House: Modern House floors have a similar rustic appearance, but they do have a more modern finish. The planks are sanded by hand.

Relics: For a truly old-world feel, choose Relics. Relics floors are hand-carved, and they have random wooden peg inlays and diagonal cuts.

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