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Walla Walla Carpet One is your local leader when it comes to tile, so it’s no surprise that we offer one of the largest selections in the area. One of our featured tile manufacturers is Daltile. Daltile is one of the most popular names in the industry because it relies on innovative product technologies to offer tiles that are perfect for residential and commercial settings. What are some of these technologies?

Many of Daltile’s tile options feature Visual Imaging technology. With this technology, the tiles have complex, super-stylish visuals, as well as special textures. Visual Imaging tiles therefore have a depth that other tiles simply cannot match. Furthermore, Daltile offers porcelain tiles with Reveal Imaging technology. Reveal Imaging tiles look and feel exactly like natural stone, but they have a real porcelain tile construction. So, they are much more durable than stone tiles. Reveal Imaging tiles give you the opportunity to add the luxury of natural stone to areas with extreme moisture and foot traffic.

Visual Imaging and Reveal Imaging are only two of Daltile’s product technologies, so be sure to visit us in Walla Walla to learn even more!

Our Favorites

Daltile Walla Walla, WA

San Michele

San Michele tiles have a porcelain tile construction, so they are durable and easy to clean and maintain. And, since they have a glazed surface, these tiles offer extra shine as well. San Michele tiles feature Reveal Imaging technology, so they look exactly like natural stone. In fact, San Michele is the first collection to feature Reveal Imaging!

Daltile Walla Walla, WA


The Invoke collection from Daltile offers a few different concrete looks and feels, but the tiles do have real porcelain constructions. So, Invoke tiles are suitable for indoors. Unlike San Michele tiles, Invoke tiles have a ColorBody construction, which means that the color and pattern is consistent from top to bottom. Consequently, scratches, scuffs, and normal wear and tear will be less noticeable.