EZ Lay Flooring

Quality luxury vinyl flooring that's perfect for any setting

EZ Lay Flooring

EZ Lay offers quality, long-lasting luxury vinyl flooring that is stylish and durable enough for all residential settings. There are two main options from which you can choose: EZGrip and EZFit. Not sure which is right for your setting? Let us help you make the right choice!

EZGrip luxury vinyl flooring is designed with strength and stability in mind. It features a fiberglass sheet to protect against expansion and contraction, so it’s suitable in areas with heavy foot traffic and even moisture. Plus, EZGrip offers a unique installation process that is quick and easy compared to standard vinyl installations.

Currently, EZ Grip is offered in 13 different styles, including 9 plank and 4 tile styles. The vinyl planks are 7”x48” and the tiles are 12”x24”.

For the most part, EZFit is similar to EZFit, but if offers a few different performance technologies. EZFit, for example, includes a polyurethane coating to protect against scratches, and it also has a fiberglass sheet core that provides additional dimensional stability. As a result, EZFit planks and tiles will never expand, contact, or crack.

EZFit is available in 8 plank styles and 4 tile styles. The planks are 7”x48” and the tiles are 17.9”x17.9”.

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