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After months of researching and window shopping, you’re finally about to make that longtime dream of hardwood flooring a reality. Understandably, you cannot wait to start enjoying that stunning new hardwood floor. But not so fast: did you know that your floor’s installation is a critical factor in determining the lifespan of this significant investment?  To ensure a long, beautiful life, you’ll want to make sure your new hardwood floor is correctly installed.

At Walla Walla Carpet One Floor & Home, we want you to enjoy your gorgeous hardwood floor for many decades. Our hardwood floor installation services are the best in the region.  In our ongoing efforts to provide you with all the support you need, our hardwood installation team is armed with all the latest tools and skills to complete each project: prompt and perfect. We even offer impressive product warranties, which will back up all of our professional installations with complete confidence.

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Installation Overview

Installing a hardwood floor can be a lengthy and complicated process: especially if done correctly. When all is said and done, choosing your flooring is the easy part. From taking precise room measurements and prepping your subfloor, to cutting baseboards and laying planks, hardwood flooring installation can be a rather intense experience: especially for the novice.

Why Choose Professional Installation?

While you might be tempted to tackle installation on your own, consider the possible repercussions. If installed incorrectly, your hardwood floor will most likely wear out well before its time. Even worse, it could sustain permanent flaws and damages: blights that sometimes aren’t covered by manufacturers’ warranties, which require a professional installation.

Truly, it pays to research your installation options.  Do you have installation questions, or simply want to learn more about professional hardwood installation services? Call us to schedule your FREE onsite project estimate - including professional measurement- today.

Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Hardwood flooring can add value to any home, but it should only be installed in areas without moisture and heavy foot traffic. Here are popular places for hardwood:

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Open up your bedroom and add a sense of warmth to your space with hardwood flooring. Hardwood not only adds value to your home, but is also an allergy friendly option. Hardwood is the perfect bedroom option.

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Living Rooms

Engineered hardwood floors are the ideal choice for space around your home that sees a lot of activity, such as living rooms. If you entertain frequently, or have children and pets at home, then a durable flooring option like engineered hardwood is the perfect choice for you.

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