Strength and style with Karastan carpets

All Pet Protection

Karastan Walla Walla, WA

Walla Walla Carpet One carries a selection of premium Karastan rugs and carpets. Karastan is a big name in luxury, as it focuses on style and durability to offer rugs and carpets that can fit any residential setting. We are especially excited about Karastan’s All Pet Protection.

Karastan rugs and carpets with All Pet Protection remain, as Karastan puts it, forever pure, forever stain-free, and forever clean.

Forever Pure

With All Pet Protection, moisture will never be absorbed into the carpet or rug fibers. Pet accidents will never stain, nor will they ever leave an odor. Any accidents or other spills can simply be wiped from the surface without long-lasting effects.

Forever Stain-Free

Karastan rugs and carpets with All Pet Protection do not have dye sites. This is important because dye sites are typically where spills adhere to the carpet. Without dye sites, the rug or carpet will remain free of stains!

Forever Clean

There also is a special Nanoloc spill and soil shield as part of Karastan’s All Pet Protection. This shield protects the carpet or rug fibers so that soil, dander, and other particles such as pet hair are easy to remove.

To learn more about Karastan’s All Pet Protection or to pick out a Karastan carpet or rug, be sure to stop by our Walla Walla, WA showroom today!