Strength and style with Karastan carpets

Karastan Carpet

Are you looking to add style and luxury to your home? Be sure to visit Walla Walla Carpet One to check out our selection of Karastan carpet. We're an authorized Karastan dealer, so we offer the full line of high-quality carpets and rugs. Why does Karastan continue to be an industry leader?

Karastan is committed to technology, so its carpets and rugs simply perform better than the competition. Many carpets have what's called SmartStrand technology, so the fibers will not stain. SmartStrand carpets are perfect for homes with children and pets. In addition, Karastan offers the Karastep carpet pad. This carpet pad provides exceptional comfort underfoot.

Premium Performance with All Pet Protection

With All Pet Protection, moisture will never be absorbed into the carpet or rug fibers. Pet accidents will never stain, nor will they ever leave an odor. Any accidents or other spills can simply be wiped from the surface without long-lasting effects.

There also is a special Nanoloc spill and soil shield as part of Karastan’s All Pet Protection. This shield protects the carpet or rug fibers so that soil, dander, and other particles such as pet hair are easy to remove.

To learn more about Karastan’s All Pet Protection or to pick out a Karastan carpet or rug, be sure to stop by our Walla Walla, WA showroom today!

Our Karastan Selection

As we mentioned before, we can special order any carpet or rug from Karastan. But, we do have a few favorites, including Object of Desire, Supermodern Style, and Nature's Majesty.

Object of Desire and Nature's Majesty are SmartStrand carpets that are built for homes with children and pets. They do, however, remain soft and comfortable underfoot. Supermodern Style is made from Sorona Silk fibers, so it offers premium softness and warmth.

Karastan's Advantages

Karastan carpet Walla Walla, WA

Premium Performance

Karastan carpets are built to last even in homes with children and pets. Be sure to check out SmartStrand carpets for industry-leading performance.

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Karastan carpet Walla Walla, WA

Can't-Miss Style

If you want to add luxury to your home setting, Karastan is a perfect choice. Karastan carpets offer enough elegance for any area.

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Karastan carpet Walla Walla, WA

Design Versatility

With so many different colors and patterns from which to choose, no design is considered off limits when you choose Karastan.

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