Karndean Luxury Vinyl

Quality luxury vinyl flooring focused on style and design


Walla Walla Carpet One is your neighborhood luxury vinyl flooring expert, as we offer one of the area’s best selections. One of our newest luxury vinyl options is Karndean LooseLay. LooseLay floors feature the same style and performance you’d expect from a luxury vinyl floor, but they offer a few unique features.

What really makes LooseLay unique is its installation. For the most part, there are two different luxury vinyl flooring installation options available: glue down and click. Glue down floors, as you can probably imagine, are glued directly to the subfloor with an adhesive. Click floors offer an easier installation, as the vinyl planks and tiles attach (and “click”) together to float over the subfloor. Karndean, however, found a way to make installation even easier! LooseLay planks and tiles have a special backing that uses friction to stick to the subfloor. No adhesive is needed, and the planks and tiles do not even have to click together. What results is the quickest and easiest installation method available today.

Moreover, LooseLay floors, like other luxury vinyl floors, can handle moisture, so they can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Plus, because the floors have rather thick top layers, they will not scratch or scuff. Karndean LooseLay can there handle households that are busy with children and pets.

What about looks? Karndean offers some of the most realistic wood and stone visuals that you can find with luxury vinyl. It’s therefore no surprise that Karndean refers to all of its floors, including LooseLay floors, as Designflooring. LooseLay is available in a wide variety of wood and stone looks, and there are also different plank sizes that you can choose. If you want wide plank wood looks, for example, you can choose the Van Gogh collection.

To learn more about Karndean and to see LooseLay first hand, be sure to visit our Walla Walla, WA showroom today!