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If you look at laminate flooring, you’ll notice right away that it looks like hardwood, stone, or tile. Laminate’s special construction, which includes a high definition image of natural flooring, gives it these authentic looks. But, there’s more to laminate than looks; it also is extremely durable. It has, for example, a stronger surface and added stability. So, if you want the looks of natural flooring but require extra wear resistance, laminate is a great option.

How does laminate offer extra durability? It is made from different layers that, although they are fused together, do serve certain purposes. The top layer, known as the wear layer, protects against scratches and drops. It is transparent, and it can replicate the texture of wood, stone, or tile. The next layer is the decorative layer, which includes a high definition photo of the specified natural flooring type. This photo offers a truly authentic look. The core layer is next, and it is made from high-density fiberboard that adds support against foot traffic. The last layer is the base layer, which adds stability against some moisture. 

To learn more about laminate flooring, stop by Walla Walla Carpet One. We offer various styles of laminate, so there is certainly one to fit your room’s design or function.