Stone Flooring

Natural looks from stone flooring

Natural Stone

  is your neighborhood leader when it comes to stone flooring. We carry both natural and engineered stone, so check out our Walla Walla, WA showroom today!

Natural stone flooring is made only from real stone. Consequently, every natural stone floor is unique, since there are no two pieces of stone that look exactly alike! So, for a truly one-of-a-kind floor, natural stone is a great option. At the same time, given the real stone construction, natural stone flooring is hard and stable, so it can withstand foot traffic and even some impacts.

For added looks, natural stone can be finished. The finish options include polished, honed, tumbled, and thermal. Each has a unique look and style, so be sure to work with one of our design experts to make the perfect choice! In addition, most natural stone floors can be sealed to protect against everyday dirt and spills.

Engineered stone flooring is not made from real stone, but rather from engineered stone. Engineered stone is similar to vinyl in that it’s made from synthetic materials. As a result of this special construction, engineered stone flooring is relatively flexible, soft, and warm to the touch. It also remains durable and wear resistant without being sealed. So, if you want the natural looks of stone but require additional comfort, engineered stone is a great option.