VCT Tile

Extra durability for commercial settings

VCT Tile

It is no surprise that vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity. Vinyl combines style, durability, and comfort to create a long-lasting floor suitable for any setting. In homes and other residential settings, luxury vinyl tile is appropriate given its premium looks and durability. But, for commercial settings with heavy foot traffic, vinyl composition tile (commonly referred to as VCT tile) is best.

VCT tile is extremely strong, stable, and wear resistant, and in most cases it will last about 40 years. Why is VCT tile so durable? Unlike other vinyl options, VCT tile is infused with special fillers such as limestone. These fillers are stronger than regular vinyl, so VCT tile is certainly extra durable. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see VCT tile in schools, retail stores, and other commercial settings with heavy traffic.

Whereas most vinyl floors are made to resemble wood or stone, VCT tile resembles regular tile. There are a variety of colors available, and colorful patterns are typically preferred. Also, VCT tile can actually be stripped and polished so that it looks new again. The process is somewhat similar to hardwood refinishing, and it is most often done once a year.

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